Hard water is due to high concentrations of the mineral salts calcium and magnesium that are measured in grains of hardness. When water undergoes temperature or pressure change lime-scale will form on surfaces, which often includes the roots and stems of plants, which is detrimental to your growing operation. Once limescale is formed both the calcium and phosphorus cannot be absorbed by the plant.

Filtration and pH adjustments using acid are common ways of controlling limescale.

ScaleBreck an electronic water conditioning system has moved to the forefront as a simple, safe means of controlling scale in greenhouse operations with no maintenance and low cost.
ScaleBreck is ideal for limescale control in drip tubes, misters, valves, spray headers, hydroponic beds, aquaponics beds, and fertilizer application systems.

Controls & biofilm development • Reduces the need for chemicals • Decreases surface tension of the water • Improves health of fish and plants • Prevents limescale development • Increases the solubility of nutrients in the water

ScaleBreck is ideal for limescale control in:
• Pumps • Drip tubes • Misters • Pipes • Flooding beds • Valves • Spray headers • Tanks • Spray nozzles • Drippers

Main benefits of using a ScaleBreck water conditioner:

• Dissolves and removes existing limescale

• Prevents new limescale from forming in irrigation systems
• Reduces corrosion • Controls algae & bacteria levels
Environmental and Financial Benefits
• Cuts down on usage of electricity

• Saves water

• Decreases or eliminates chemical usage

• Less wear and tear on pumps and other equipment

• Improves efficiency of machinery and appliances • Lowers the need for chemical safety precautions, storage and disposal
Additional Benefits
• Never requires maintenance • Non-intrusive and easy to install - no plumbing required
• Operates 24/7 with minimal power usage
Specific Greenhouse Benefits
• Keeps misting heads and drip lines scale free • Promotes healthier plant growth
• Protects equipment • No need to cut into or drill into existing pipework
Eliminates acid usage in the orchards for irrigation/overhead cooling systems and saves on-going cost of chemicals - SHORT TERM PAYBACK ON MOST SYSTEMS.



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