Renewable Energy

Rooftop Solar Power



Solar or Photo Voltaic the engineering name, is no longer a concept. There are millions of Kwhr / units generated each day all over the World. India is blesses with ample sunlight and you need make use of it to generate power. With most of the Indian states have implemented the Net Metering Policy for Solar PV Rooftops Projects, the power generated and not used can be utilized in the form of credited units in the next months energy bill. So, no generated power is lost. 

The cost of Solar PV systems have drastically reduced making the installation financially viable. Industries, Commercial Building, Malls, Colleges and many locations where power is one of the major raw material, Solar Rooftop is the solution. 

For power the generate, the raw material is free. So, once the system is in place, it will keep generating for 25 years to come.

Yes, power electronics, electrical and mechanical engineering plays a big role and therefore for higher capacity systems, do not just go on the per KW cost but check if the supplier is not just another Solarwala riding on the solar wave.


How does the Rooftop Solar PV System work ? 

Photo Voltaic Modules / panels generate energy from light, not Sun. With better sunshine, you get better output. 

DC power is generated from the PV Modules, which is converted to AC with the help of grid interactive inverters. 

The generated power is connected to the load at your location, same place where the state electricity power is connected, but on the LT side.


Once the consumption begins, if the solar power plant is generating, the power will be sucked in on priority followed by the remaining power from the state grid.


This reduces the power consumption from the state grid reducing your energy bills. 

Above is a very layman way of explaining the system. There is a lot of power electronic, electrical engineering design and mechanical engineering involved which differs from site to site.



Grid Interactive Systems


Its all about MONEY

With a reduction in the cost of Solar PV projects, increased awareness and ease of availability of finance, solar industry has grown to be a matured industry like any other. There are many options available and all the options will create a Win Win situation. 

CapEx Option - Invest your own money can start making money from the third month. This is the best options as banks support Solar PV installations and are ready to fund the projects. EMI is less than the monthly savings *depending on tariff, cost of project and generation numbers. With added benefits like accelerated depreciation, you can expect a attractive EBITA or payback in less than 4 years.  

OpEx Option - A power purchase agreement is signed between the consumer and the investor. The investment and ownership of the rooftop power plant remains with the investor for the agreement tenure. Installaion of the power plant happens on the consumer site location like the industry rooftop or a hospital terrace top etc. The generated power is sold at a cost per unit to the consumer. With zero investment, the consumer enjoys limited benefits and so does the investor. 



Quality Matters

With a large number of panels and inverter manufacturing companies, and with open market rates, its very difficult to hide the actual costs. To make money, installation is the only area available for solar PV installers. Either you buy material for cheap or buy cheap material. 

We at LeanWay do it the lean way. With quality our top priority, we do not compromise on cost nor on quality. The system life is 25 years and therefore installation has to meet the requirements.


Rooftop, terrace top, Carport, covering water bodies with solar panels, we have done it all. 

With in-house design and standardized process, we at LeanWay are committed to on time delivery of material, on time installation and commissioning. We are committed to on time O&M services after the installation.