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Harnessing Solar Power

Being part of the sustainable development, we at LeanWay are focused on reducing the use of fossil fuels. We achieve is by installing rooftop solar PV power projects. 


Rooftop Applications

Areas of work

LeanWay has installed 100s of solar power projects on several different types of rooftops. Industrial sheds, fixtures on sheds to match the perfect angle, RCC roofs with flat mountings, standard and raised structures, carports, architecturally designed structures for bungalows, installations on farms for water pumping etc. For safety reasons, we do not work on a asbestos roofs. 



Solar or Photo Voltaic the technical definition, is no longer a concept. There are millions of solar units generated each day all over the World. India is blessed with ample sunlight and one needs to make use of it to generate power. Most of the Indian states have implemented the Net Metering Policy for Solar PV Rooftops Projects where the power generated is offset with the consuming units from State Discom.
The cost of Solar PV systems has drastically reduced, making the installation financially viable. Industries, Commercial Building, Malls, Colleges and many locations where power is one of the major raw material, Solar Rooftop is the solution. 
Yes, power electronics, electrical and mechanical engineering plays a big role and therefore for higher capacity systems, do not just go on the per KW cost but check if the supplier is not just another 'Solarwala' riding on the solar wave.



How does the Rooftop Solar PV System work ? Photo Voltaic Modules / panels generate energy from light, not Sun. With better sunshine, you get better output. DC power is generated from the PV Modules, which is converted to AC with the help of grid interactive inverters. The generated power is connected to the load at your location, same place where the state electricity power is connected, but on the LT side.



LeanWay Energy has been working with Power Producing Companies that look for rooftops where the solar Pv power plant can be set up. These companies will finance the project and sell the generated power to the customer with the rooftops at a cheaper tariff than the state electricity by signing a Power Purchase Agreement.  With this arrangement, there is zero investment from the customer side but they can get a discount on the energy bills.  



At LeanWay, we have our own installation team. Following lean manufacturing systems, we have developed the most efficient and fastest way to install the solar power plants so that the customers can benefit from the generated power as soon as possible. SAFETY is our number one priority and we follow it to the core.   



We take pride in taking care of the systems that we have installed. Operation and maintenance is taking very seriously. Planned maintenance or PM is a part of our systems. Unlike 'solarwala's LeanWay is here to stay and work with you for your future solar requirements. Timely maintenance of the system helps in keeping the efficiency high, in turn continued savings. 

Our Work

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