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ScaleBreck Ecofriendly Electronic Water Softener

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Water is the most important element for the survival of life. With the ground water levels decreasing there is increase in the water hardness. 

Water hardness is a source of many problems. One important trouble area is the way hardness minerals react with soaps and detergents. Water hardness is sometimes defined as - "the effect of certain elements which combine with soap to form an insoluble material known as curd."

The list of elements that possess this property of hardness include iron, copper and manganese, all present normally in relatively small quantities. More common, of course, are calcium and magnesium, which are usually present in significant amounts. 

ScaleBreck Domestic Applications






Hard Water Problems

With hard water arises a lot of problems. Scaling being the number one problem caused.

Common domestic problems faced by hard water are as follows.


  • Hard water wastes soap and synthetic detergents.

  • Hard water leaves unsightly soap scum rings in the bathtub.

  • Hard water spots and streaks glassware and dishes.

  • Hard water makes bathing more difficult for skin and hair.

  • Hard water builds up scale deposits in all water-using appliances and clogs hot water pipes.

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Protect Your Appliances - Your appliances & fixtures that come in contact with hard water will operate much more efficiently and will have a prolonged life expectancy with ScaleBreck installed.




ScaleBreck will remove limescale deposits while prolonging the life of…
Piping systems • Water heaters • Dishwashers • Tankless heaters • Washing machines • Toilets • Faucets • Shower heads • Sinks • Coffee makers • Humidifiers • Radiant heaters


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