Innovation and Education


“There’s a way to do it better—find it.”
  Thomas Edison

We are Engineers and technocrats. At LeanWay, we innovate and develop products which can be utilized for the betterment of society. Our focus stands on energy and water saving initiatives. Like BuzzZap Solar Light Insect Trap, ScaleBreck Water Conditioner and Yuvayu Air Ionizer, we have been working on following products. 

We welcome students to come with their ideas to do projects with us. From concept to commercialization, LeanWay will support them in the journey of entrepreneurship



Electric Mobility is becoming a necessity with the rise in fossil fuel costs, increasing pollution, reducing natural resources and global warming effects. 

At LeanWay, we have designed and developed a two wheeler perfectly suitable for rural and urban mobility. With a solar charging option, we are introducing EDOM at a very affoardable price. 

The P-Gas


Plasma gasification is an emerging technology which can process landfill waste to extract commodity recyclables and convert carbon-based materials into fuels. It can form an integral component in a system to achieve zero-waste and produce renewable fuels, whilst caring for the environment