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The ScaleBreck Electronic Water Conditioner is a powerful solution for treating hard water in agriculture, which is a common problem for farmers and agricultural operations. Hard water can negatively impact crop yields, reduce soil fertility, and cause damage to irrigation equipment and other farm machinery.

The ScaleBreck Electronic Water Conditioner uses a high-frequency electromagnetic field to treat hard water, preventing the formation of scale and buildup in irrigation systems and other equipment. This technology is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution that does not require the use of chemicals or salt.

Installing a ScaleBreck Electronic Water Conditioner can provide numerous benefits for agriculture, including improved crop yields, increased soil fertility, and reduced water usage. The device also extends the lifespan of irrigation equipment and other machinery, reducing the need for costly repairs and replacements.

Overall, the ScaleBreck Electronic Water Conditioner is an effective and eco-friendly solution for treating hard water in agriculture. By using this device, farmers and agricultural operations can save money, increase productivity, and improve the overall quality of their crops and land.

ScaleBreck Ecofriendly Electronic Water Softener

Hard Water Problems

With hard water arises a lot of problems. Scaling being the number one problem caused.

Common problems faced by hard water are as follows.


ScaleBreck Water Conditioner

  • Controls & eliminates biofilm development • Reduces the need for chemicals • Decreases surface tension of the water • Improves health of fish and plants • Prevents limescale development • Increases the solubility of nutrients in the water

  • ScaleBreck is ideal for limescale control in:
    • Pumps • Drip tubes • Misters • Pipes • Flooding beds • Valves • Spray headers • Tanks • Spray nozzles • Drippers

Benefits and Advantages 

• Dissolves and removes existing limescale • Prevents new limescale from forming in irrigation systems • Reduces corrosion • Controls algae & bacteria levels

Environmental and Financial Benefits
• Cuts down on usage of electricity • Saves water • Decreases or eliminates chemical usage • Less wear and tear on pumps and other equipment

• Improves efficiency of machinery and appliances • Lowers the need for chemical safety precautions, storage and disposal

Additional Benefits
• Never requires maintenance • Non-intrusive and easy to install - no plumbing required • Operates 24/7 with minimal power usage


Specific Greenhouse Benefits
• Keeps misting heads and drip lines scale free • Promotes healthier plant growth
• Protects equipment • No need to cut into or drill into existing pipework
Eliminates acid usage in the orchards for irrigation/overhead cooling systems and saves on-going cost of chemicals - SHORT TERM PAYBACK ON MOST SYSTEMS.

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