Automotive steel / Sheet stock for body panels

The extruding of angles, channel stock, and framing is a control of extruding dies and feed rates. The dies are cooled with a “milk” like substance that is a water lubricant mixture. The parts are extruded and then drop press formed. The presses are also cooled. The hydraulic saws are cooled with this water lubricant substance. The ScaleBreck system will control the lime scale deposits on the nozzles, pipes, and pumps. In addition, the ScaleBreck system will help keep the water lubricant mixture well mixed when dispersed into the water.

Steel / iron foundry
The ScaleBreck system controls lime scale deposits in the cooling water for the cooling of the molds. The production rates are governed by temperature controls.

Aluminum foundry
Aluminum is much less tolerant of water temperature variations. The cooling process is very critical. The
ScaleBreck system will control lime scale deposits in the cooling waters for the cooling of the molds. The production rates are dependent on the temperature controls.

Engine plants
Engine plants are generally assembly machine shops. The processes include: drop forge, compression sizing, and boring, broaching, milling, grinding, turning and polishing. All of these procedures require coolants, lubricants, and temperature controls. The ScaleBreck system will control lime scale formation in all of these functions while extending the life of the tooling.

Machine tool coolants
Coolants are a mixture of lubricants and water. These lubricants can become contaminated with bacteria and cause problems in the systems which, in turn, can result in an “off-grade” product. The calcium ions in the water can form lime scale that will clog pipes, spray nozzles, orifices, journals, passage ways, flutes, and other surfaces needing to be both cooled and lubricated.

One of the highest costs of this operation is in tooling. The set-up person must tear down the machine and retool on a frequent basis. The ScaleBreck system can cut costs of man hours and tooling while keeping the quality control at a high level of performance.

Energy savings
With better lubricant action by using the ScaleBreck system, there will be less waste heat to be dissipated and less lime scale on the heat exchange surfaces. This will result in lower coolant pumping costs.

Environmental issues
Environmental issues and the “going green” movement in the world today is more important of an issue that ever before. ScaleBreck is the ideal environmental product while saving your plant a ton of money at the same time.