Cooling towers - Lime scale deposit control on the tower fill, sump tank, spray headers, valves, pumps and pipes.
Chillers - Lime scale deposit control on the heat exchange surfaces.
Hot water heaters - Lime scale deposit control on the heating coil and tank.
Boilers - Lime scale deposit control on boiler fire tubes, condensation tank, pumps, pipes and valves.

Laundry - Lime scale deposit in steam ironing machines, washing machines. There will be reduced surface tension of the water due to the ScaleBreck system, resulting in the water requiring less detergent.
Food Service - Lime scale deposit in dishwashers, ice makers, steam tables. Also, there will be deposit control in drains where greasy liquids are disposed of.
Swimming Pools - Lime scale deposit in the filtration equipment and pool walls will be eliminated by the ScaleBreck system.
Science Labs - Lime scale control for water used in specialized equipment.
Greenhouses - Lime scale control in drip tubes, misters, spray headers, valves, hydroponic beds, aquaponics beds, and fertilizer application systems.
Waste water treatment Lime scale control in pumps, tanks, pipes, valves, and sensors.
Environmental issues Environmental issues and the “going green” are important standards set by our fine institutions.