LeanWay Energy

Founded in 2010 and based in Pune, India, LeanWay Energy has a clear focus on developing renewable energy products affordable to common citizens. We are engineers and technocrats, farmers and travelers, nature lovers trying to do our bit towards the environment. We are working with farmers on their integrated pest management through BuzzZap Solar Insect Trap and water quality enhancements through ScaleBreck - Electronic Water Conditioner. We work with industries to implements cost effective solar rooftop solutions with quality and transparency.
Implementing the principles of lean manufacturing systems, using the theories of reverse engineering and imports substitution, we have designed, developed and are manufacturing BuzzZap Solar Insect Traps, ScaleBreck Electronic Water Conditioners, EDOM Battery operated vehicles, Yuvayu Air Ionizers and Yuvalite Small solar systems.   

Sun Wind and Water - the three amongst the PanchaMahabhuta have been our major source of energy. 
We work with farmers to help reduce the use of insecticides and pesticides with our innovative BuzzZap - A solar powered insect killer.

We work with industries and farmers to offer better quality water for reduction and elimination of the scaling problems through our electronic water conditioner, ScaleBreck